We provide High Quality Water Level Sensors.

We Provide low cost water Level Sensor.

Let’s professionally Monitor and Control your Tank Water Level With Us.

Who We Are?

Autoplay is the leading water level sensor manufacturing company at Manjari Budruk, Pune.
We are operating with our experienced, reliable, and professional team of engineers and
contractors in industrial, commercial,domestic, and liquid markets.Our products are widely
accepted in service across industrial sectors such as paper,metals, construction, textile,
IT parks, and various utilities with the best deal.

Our Awesome features

Solid State Electronics

No moving parts or mechanical floats to break or rust, guarantees long life and hassle-free maintenance

Advanced Modular Design

Save money by simply replacing individual parts instead of replacing it

Dry Contact Digital Circuitry

Simplifies integration with existing building automation systems.

Easy to install

saves time and labor with quick connect design (installation takes less than 1 hour)

LED Indicators

make it easy to quickly view the current status of all functions.

Push-to-Test Feature

One push of a button initiates a full test cycle to ensure all systems are working as expected.

Avaiable Colours

Yellow - Blue

Water sensor are avaiable in combination of yellow and blue color.

Blue - Yellow

Water sensor are avaiable in combination of Blue and Yellow color.

Product Image

Red - Black

Water sensor are avaiable in combination of Red and Black color.

Blue - Black

Water sensor are avaiable in combination of Blue and Black color.

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