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Autoplay is the leading water level sensor manufacturing company at Manjari Budruk, Pune. We are operating with our experienced, reliable, and professional team of engineers and contractors in industrial, commercial, domestic, and liquid markets.

Our products are widely accepted in service across industrial sectors such as paper, metals, construction, textile, IT parks, and various utilities with the best deal.

We give accurate & stable level measurements of quality products. We pay attention to the quality of products and customer satisfaction. Provide India’s no 1 water level control sensor product

Arvind kanse

Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
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Our Mission

Save water

Save water

Water conservation is becoming increasingly important, as the world population grows, and global warming concerns are raised. Autoplay is poised to be a world leader in the water conservation movement.

Industry Expertise

Become Industry Expertise

Our aim is to work in partnership with our clients, applying a fusion of innovative ideas and proven technology. We understand our clients business and have deep expertise in their industries



Excellence service is at the core of our business activity. It is the way we continue, meet and exceed our commitments, as well as provide unparalleled service and performance, and delivering innovative solutions on time that have ensured our success.


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